For students who have received all the results of all the semesters, the university has informed us that the students should download the form for provisional certificate/migration certificate from the MGU website http://www.mgu.edu.in/7t/provisional%20degree%20migration.pdf and apply directly to the university for the same. The university releases the provisional certificates directly to the students (remember to send an A3 size, self-addressed envelope with Rs. 30 postal stamps attached on the envelope while applying for the university provisional certificate). Also note that the certificate would only be available one year after the release of the last mark sheet.

MOST IMPORTANT: Students of the 2011-14 and 2011-13 batch requiring their Provisional Certificate from the university need to additionally attach an undertaking from IIPM along with their MGU provisional request form which they may be sending to MGU. This undertaking confirms that the respective student studied one academic year in Gulbarga University. MGU will release the university provisional certificate for 2011-13 and 2011-14 batch students "only if" the students send this undertaking along with their provisional certificate request to MGU. Other batch students do not need to attach this undertaking. How do you get this undertaking? Write to Mr. Vishal Rajput (vishal.rajput@iipm.edu) mentioning all your details and mentioning that a pdf of the Gulbarga undertaking be sent to you. Once you receive the PDF, take a high quality coloured printout of the same and attach it along with your provisional certificate request to the University. In case you have already sent your provisional request form to the university without attaching the undertaking, then please quickly obtain the Gulbarga undertaking from Mr. Vishal Rajput and send the same to MGU with an application mentioning that you had forgotten to send your undertaking with your earlier provisional certificate request. That would be considered positively by MGU. (IMP: Students of the 2011-13 and 2011-14 batches require this undertaking only while applying for their provisional certificate to the university and not while applying for their university mark sheets).

Please note: we repeat, it is the university's prerogative and discretion to release the mark sheets, provisional certificate and other testimonials. These do not come under the purview or responsibility of IIPM.

For any query, write to official@isbe.co.in